What IS possible?
Possible is something able to be done.

Stone is lovely. Stone is natural. But stone is also heavy and cold. In fact, the weight of stone makes it prohibitive in applications where weight is a concern. PolyStone Creations™ makes interior, lightweight designing with stone possible. We specialize in lightweight countertops and decorative surfaces for the aircraft industry. In our business, lightweight means a lot. We offer you the stone look without the bulk. Our unique, hand-crafted products deliver stunningly accurate stone-look fixtures at weights that you can use. With colors and patterns that are nearly limitless; leave the cold stone in the cave and enjoy the warm touch of PolyStone.

Where will you find PolyStone products and who runs our "show"?

At PolyStone Creations™ our clients run our show. We have created beautiful and unique countertops and surfaces for many happy customers. Our products can be found in Aircraft cabins, Yacht interiors, as well as land vehicle interiors. Our purpose is to minimize the weight of your vehicle to help you save energy and resources while maximizing the beauty of your space. Our strength is in your creative design; both in color and in shape.

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Are you the buyer shopping for the interior of a new business jet project? Please visit our Product Gallery to begin your exploration of the products we have for you.


Designers are a very special group of clients for us at PolyStone Creations™, and we have set up a special section of information for you. Please visit our Color Library for a taste of what's in store.


Where would a project be without our engineers? We know and understand that the technical requirements must be met before products can be considered for a project. We have constructed an area just for you right HERE.

Application ideas highlight the possibilities

Flooring that is a step above

In high traffic areas, carpet can be a poor solution to your flooring needs. Our lightweight floor covering will make a bold statement, and the design is all yours. For your next project, try a more durable solution that highlights your personal style.

Gorgeous Galleys

Who ever said that everyday workspaces need to be plain? Function meets high fashion with our custom applications for your galley. Experience the difference our galley countertops can make in your next design.

Elegant Vanity Choices

Functional in seamless beauty with unlimited custom possibilities provide you with a truly personal grooming experience. Our vanities can be created with integral basins or can accommodate a separate basin mounting arrangement.

Design Innovations

Our CrystaLex™ product gives you an all new medium for creative interior design. From transparent to colored translucent designs, CrystaLex™ provides either privacy or clarity with unique lighting options. Create like never before and enjoy a supreme WOW factor for your guests.

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